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Online Communications & Advertising, Graphic & Web Design, Video Making & Movies, Casual Photography & Surfing.

Hello there, welcome on my personal website! Here you will get an overview of my professional skills across the following categories. Web Culture is about online branding and communications, web related experiences and online abilities. Web Design is focused on websites design and management, emailings creation and integration. Graphic Design is about print graphic design, brand identity conception, communication tools development. Video Editing is a sample of video clips and trailers production. Finally, Photography displays landscape photos taken from various places around the world. Oh, and now there's a Blog too.

About me: I am a highly motivated individual who has excellent creative, writing and communication skills with a career interest in communications, design and web marketing. Being very enthusiastic and committed, I have an ability to plan, organize and multitask. I am a fast learner with flexible approach to work. I am a proactive team player but I also enjoy working autonomously to demanding deadlines.

Have a nice visit and feel free to contact me for further information.

See you soon!

Thibault (aka Nomad1108)

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